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For adrenaline fanatics

During your stay at our campsite Les Restanques, if the bravest among you feel the desire to go beyond your limits and experience sensations as dizzying as they are unforgettable, the surrounding area holds many surprises in store for you!
To guide you and help you spice up your stay, we have listed the most exciting activities as well as the best contacts in each of these activities, which you can find not far from our campsite.

Looking for freedom? Paragliding is for you: 

Prepare for take-off! For thrill-seekers, treat yourself to seventh heaven, a tandem paragliding experience, with a professional, in one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Indeed, the Alpes de Hautes Provences region offers you a breathtaking panorama seen from the sky: adorned with its magnificent Parc Naturel Régional du Verdon as well as its spectacular Gorges du Verdon. Decorated with the magnificent turquoise blue Lake of Sainte Croix, it will amaze your eyes and your spirits.

The landscapes are diverse, you will fly over the communes of Moustiers Sainte Marie, Castellane, Palud sur Verdon ... but also see the cliffs, plateaus, canyons and valleys that surround them. For the craziest who would take even more height, in the distant horizons the shapes of the Alps will also take shape.  To guide you in your quest for thrills and freedom, we recommend the following two professionals: 

Rock n' fly

This passionate team offers you classic flights from 100 euros for a minimum of 20 to 30 minutes flight time, or up to 1 hour flight time and reaching a maximum altitude. Much more than a flight, it is an immersion in the sky that awaits you and you will most certainly cross the path of its inhabitants, the birds, whose most majestic like vultures and eagles will make nature lovers dream.

 Depending on your preferences, you can take a breath of fresh air in the middle of the day and reach the gates of the sun or rather in the late afternoon when a magnificent sunset will tint the landscape with orange and pink, a magical moment for sure!
Telephone: 06. 89. 30. 75. 74
Do not hesitate to consult their website for more information on rates, times and meeting places.

Verdon Passion

This team of qualified instructors also offers paragliding flights at the same rates. They invite you for discovery days to learn more about the activity. You will then take advantage of a whole morning session on the school slope to discover the equipment, the handling of the glider on the ground, the inflation, and will practise small flights to try your hand at the exercise before starting the big flight.

Phone : 06. 08. 63. 97. 16
Do not hesitate to consult their website for more information on rates, times and meeting places.
The little extra: you can request a video of your flight!


Looking for adrenaline? Come bungee jumping!

It is from the highest bridge in Europe, the Artuby bridge measuring more than 180 metres, that you will have the chance to jump, and experience vertiginous sensations out of the ordinary. Indeed the Artuby bridge is a spot recognized worldwide, it spans the Artuby, a 53.7km long river crossing the Alpes de Haute Provence. 

It is with the approved company Lattitude Challenge that we advise you to let yourself fall into the void! A certified safe activity, this company is one of the first to venture into bungee jumping in France and trains its jumping instructors. This pioneer has no less than 90,000 jumps supervised by its instructors.

This activity is often popular with teenagers, and is obviously accessible to them from the age of 15 (provided they have parental permission). However, if at the age of 55 (or more) you regret never having jumped during your youth, it's not too late! Under medical certificate, Latitude challenge also takes care of seniors and accompanies them for an unforgettable jump!  

Bungee jumping is open to everyone, as long as vertigo is not a problem for you, it does not require any physical training and no particular technique, a touch of madness and a brave spirit will be enough!

Moreover Latitude Challenge is committed to supervise bungee jumping for disabled people, a special care is then provided.
Safety being the watchword, preliminary tests on the deck installations are obviously carried out with heavier weights than those used for the jumps, and the equipment is systematically checked.
Telephone : 04. 91. 09. 04. 10
Do not hesitate to consult their website for more information on rates, times and meeting places.

Looking for adventure? Come and discover the Via Ferrata du Verdon!

The word Via Ferrata comes from Italian and means "railway" in French. It corresponds to venturing into a rock face through an arranged itinerary and with the help of specific equipment. The equipment will be on you but also on the rock (cables, ramps, ladders...) You will advance in an autonomous way.


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