Wood-fired cooking\for 40 years

We don’t do gourmet cuisine, but what we do we’ve been doing with heart and soul for over 40 years.

It all began in 1984, two years after the opening of the campsite, my brothers Régis and Jérôme opened their pizza truck for the first time. After two summers spent at the bottom of the campsite by the roadside, our Citroën Tube took its place on the terrace next to the old mulberry tree.

1990 saw the first major transformation of the pizzeria. Our Tube was replaced by a beautiful stone building designed by my father and my brother Régis. Over the years, many improvements have been made to bring you even greater comfort and quality.

Our pizzeria is truly a family affair, as almost all its members have worked here successively. My parents Noëlle and Maurice succeeded in doing the most wonderful thing of all, keeping their children united around this fine family business.

In 2007, my husband Marc and I took the reins of the pizzeria as a matter of course, with a view to making our own contribution to the business. So it was in 2013 that the brand-new Restanques kitchens came into being. Comfort and workspace that enabled us to expand our menu.

Here sharing and generosity
are the watchwords

Come and discover our 40-year-old concept, which offers you the chance to share 1, 2 or even 3 pizzas.

Our pizzas to share are handmade and baked in a traditional wood-fired oven.

Everything here is handcrafted. It may seem odd to point this out, but it is becoming increasingly rare to find restaurants that still make their own pizza dough, sauce and pancake batter.

Here, pizza dough and sauce are made by the hands of a passionate artisan who strives to give you the best of himself every day.

We make it a point of honor to work with fresh, quality produce, and of course local produce whenever possible.

Come and share a convivial moment on our lovely shaded terrace around a large round table, where you can enjoy our famous pizzas as well as our barbecued meats, generous salads and famous savoury crêpes. Finish your meal in style with our sweet crêpes and ice cream sundaes, each more delicious than the last.

Le Bar\
A place to relax and live

Our bar welcomes you all day long. Start your morning with coffee and a delicious breakfast. After a sunny day, take time to relax on the terrace and indulge in our wide selection of cold drinks and tasty house cocktails. Discover local flavors with our aperitif board, featuring carefully selected local products.

And to satisfy the sweet tooth of young and old alike, we offer a wide range of ice creams to take away or eat in. Enjoy a moment of relaxation and pleasure in a friendly atmosphere.