The Low Gorges


A journey through history

Less impressive and hostile than those of the Grand Canyon, the lower gorges have very quickly become a place to live ... Prehistoric men settled there in a multitude of caves and secret gardens. The water, now domesticated and calm, incises the plateau of a narrow luminous trench punctuated by a string of small lakes with welcoming and quiet coves.

Holm oaks and kermes oaks occupy the scrubland. They have long been the raw material for a quality industry, that of charcoal. The villages offer their castles, their gushing fountains and their shady alleys. The Museum of Prehistory in Quinson, the largest in Europe, links the first men with those of tomorrow.

A place of paradise full of history  

The canal du Verdon was built between 1866 and 1875 to bring the water from the Verdon to Aix-en-Provence but this project was later abandoned.  Today, the canal is in the cliffs of the gorges and its emerald water belongs to the typical nature of the French Riviera. 
The Verdon canal, which has its source in the Verdon country, also called the low Verdon gorges at the Quinson dam.  During its journey it passes through the Lac d'Esperron, the Lac la Durance as well as the Lac de Sainte-Croix.  It is the latter which separates the Low Gorges of the Verdon and the Georges de Verdon.  The canal is located in an area with some of the most beautiful and historic villages in France. 


A perfect destination for your holiday  

Even if the Basses Gorges du Verdon are less known than the Gorges du Verdon, they are no less splendid.  Calmer and quieter, the particularity of this place is that it only reveals its vegetation and landscape through water walks.  Indeed it is an environment to be discovered electric boat, pedal boat in family stroll with canoes or in canoe kayak.  
It is also possible to take advantage of this exceptional passage by taking the section of the Low Gorges of the Verdon linking the lake of Esparron and Quinson, by paddle, canoe, pedal boat or to meander the river with electric boats.  It is a very beautiful aquatic walk of about 9 km where you can stop at the turquoise lake of the river. 

The Basses Gorges du Verdon are the sanctuary of many caves.  Situated downstream from the lake of Esperron towards the lake of Montmeyan, is the Bat Cave which shelters more than 3000 Chiropterans (bats).  You will also find the Grotte de la carte au Trésor then the famous walled cave of Gaspard and finally the Grotte Ste Maxime upstream of the dam and Quinson lake. 


Other corners of paradise are nearby  

The Aups 

 Les Aups, a Provençal village, a perfect place for an open-air sightseeing walk.  Have a coffee on the terrace on a sunny day and taste the black truffle, a speciality of the region.  



 A village just above the lake of Sainte-Croix, offering incredible views over the blue waters typical of the French Riviera but also over the gorges from where you can also see the lavender fields of the Valensole plateau. 


The Valensole plateau 

 There is nothing better than to spend the summer in Provence, when the flowers of the fragrant lavenders cover the green hills of the Plateau de Valensole.  Soak up the beauty of the colours of the South of France on a walking or cycling tour. 



The Gorges du Verdon  

 Grand canyon and huge limestone cliffs, an impressive landscape awaits you.   At the end of the canyon, the waters of the Verdon river flow towards the Santa Cruz lake, a beautiful place radiating with its emerald waters from where you can practice many activities such as canoeing, very typical of the people who visit this region in summer.  On foot you can walk on the cliff tops and enjoy the magnificent and numerous panoramic views, including a view of the lake.  The fauna and flora of this landscape are magnificent and you will not be able to miss to stop and picnic for lunch break in the green Provencal grass. 



The markets of the Verdon 

 The markets of the Verdon are scattered all over the villages of the region.  Regional products and specialities await you!  




 On the right bank of Lake St. Croix is the small village of Bauduen.  Against it is the hill of the Défens.  The small beaches are perfect for a little sunbathing and swimming.  Near Bauduen you will also have the second largest artificial lake in the region, the lake of Castillon. 


It is one of the most beautiful villages in France.  Situated near the Lake of Sainte-Croix and the Gorges du Verdon, this prehistoric village is known for its earthenware, its history and its architecture that hugs the cliffs.  You will fall in love with Mousiters-Sainte-Mari. 


The lake of Sainte Croix

The lake of sainte croix, located not far from the campsite and Bauduen, is considered the pearl of the region. Baptised emerald of France for its turquoise waters as far as the eye can see, its calm waters lend themselves perfectly to the practice of various water sports (kayaking, pedal boats, canoeing...).

The Restanques campsite, a perfect accommodation close by 

The ideal choice to be able to enjoy this place with its soft and reassuring vegetation in comfort. Our campsite les Restanques will be the pied-à-terre for holidaymakers visiting the Alpes de Haute Provence region. The campsite is ideally located close to the town of Bauduen. The village is the starting point of many paths where you can go for a walk.

The campsite near the Lac de Sainte-Croix is ideal for enjoying the beaches that populate its shores, but also the Provencal villages around the Gorges du Verdon.

The campsite offers a wide choice of rentals that will satisfy you. Pitches for camper vans, eco-lodges that will be like your second home. A premium cottage with panoramic wooden terrace and private spa. Finally you can also opt for one of our two gîtes. The campsite offers all the necessary comfort: washing machines, wifi connection, easy access parking, restaurant and of course with pets accepted. 


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