Esparron de Verdon


A village of great charm

Esparron de Verdon, a village of great charm

Esparron de Verdon is one of the most beautiful villages in France. The commune is nestled at an altitude of 386 metres and is one of the country's sparsely populated communes, according to the Insee. The Provençal charm, the fields of olive trees, the friendliness of the inhabitants, the sunshine and the lake make it a favourite destination for holidaymakers.

A peaceful village in the Alpes-de-hautes-provence

Esparron de Verdon is a small holiday village located in the Alpes-de-hautes-provence department. Since the impoundment of the artificial lake of Esparron de Verdon, it has gone from being an insignificant commune to a tourist resort suitable for outdoor activities. With a surface area of 34.5 km2, it is divided into 3 parts: the old village situated at the foot of the 12th century Romanesque church of Ste Andr, the district along the transhumance path and the new village of our village.

Esparron de Verdon is perched in an intimate setting. It is perched at the entrance to the low gorges of the Verdon. The small village overlooks the lake of Esparron. Its 400 inhabitants are called the Esparronnais.

Camping holidays in Esparron de Verdon


Before visiting the Verdon gorges, start your exploration in the centre of the village which is full of shops and services. A souvenir shop offers a few trinkets as souvenirs. There is also a bakery, a brocante, a picerie and restaurants offering Provençal specialities.

Walk leisurely through the narrow streets and contemplate the picturesque buildings and the village house. Discover the Chateau d'Esparron, a historic monument dating from the 10th century.

Continue your walk around Esparron de Verdon, in the 9 km long Sentier du Garde Canal. The Botanical Trail is a 4 km loop and shows the richness of the flora of the Paca region.

Favourable terrain for water sports activities

A stretch of greenery occupies half of its surface. Woods and forests cover 1,600 hectares. The Parc Naturel Régional Du Verdon offers many outdoor activities, including: hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking, paddling, swimming, and many other water sports at the water sports base.

The GR4 long-distance hiking trail crosses the commune. The hills have paths for hiking. The walks around the lake or on the heights of the lake offer a panoramic view of the turquoise waters. The Provencal village has 4 tributaries: the Ravin d'Albiosc, the Ravin de Merle, the Ravin de Vauclare and the Vallon de la Galerie. It has a lavender distillation cooperative and is adorned with hectares of lavender fields.

To recharge your batteries, the camping des gorges du Verdon offers you 100% comfortable accommodation: lodgings, gîtes, chalets, holiday homes, mobile homes, guest roomsôtes. Some accommodation has free wifi, jacuzzi, heated pool, air conditioning, outdoor pool and private terrace.

The lake of Esparron de Verdon, a site not to be missed

The artificial lake of Verdon has 367 hectares of ready-made water. The expanse of water is an invitation to aquatic activities. Rent an electric boat, a sailing boat, a paddle or a canoe and discover the watery wonder. Take a break by the lake for a suntan.


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