La Palud sur Verdon


The perched village that breathes joy

Holidays in the village of la Palud sur Verdon

Before visiting the Verdon gorge, take a trip to La Palud sur Verdon. The perched village breathes joie de vivre. The village is one of the most beautiful villages in France. Its natural charm, sunshine and historical heritage are all evidence of this.

A small Provencal commune

La Palud sur Verdon park is a French commune located in the Alpes-de-haute-provence department, in the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur region. It is 928 metres above sea level. The small village is famous for its beautiful views over the lower gorges of the Verdon, the route des Crêtes and the Dent dèAire above the river. It is located in the protection area of the Haute Provence Geological Reserve.

The RD 952 departmental road serves the commune of the Verdon nature park. It links Castellane and Gréoux les Bains, passing through the Verdon valley.

The Baou crosses the village which joins the Verdon, while the Montdenier massif crosses its northern part. It is one of the 46 communes belonging to the Verdon Regional Natural Park. Rougon and Aiguine (in the Var department) are among its neighbouring communes.

The Provençal village organises a Sunday market during which local producers sell their fresh produce: cheeses, fish, vegetables, meats, etc.

The remnants of a fascinating history

The streets of La Palud contain remnants of its past, including those of the 1st village of La Palud, at the top of the Barris mountain. You will find fragments of the curtain wall of the château and the primitive village of Meyreste and the ruins of the Châteauneuf les Moustiers Sainte Marie, on the crête de Montdenier.

In addition to the village house and the provençal house, the Christian monuments embellish the streets of the national park commune. Contemplate an ancient monastery attached to the abbey of Saint Victor de Marseille and Saint-Maurin and the ruins of the church of Notre Dame built in the 14th century. A bell tower is all that remains of the first parish church of the 11th century. It has been classified as a historical monument.

A green space conducive to relaxation

The Provençal commune is home to 2,788 hectares of woods and forests, a green space that occupies a third of its area. Located near the camping des gorges du Verdon, La Palud sur Verdon enjoys a strategic location at the heart of Europe's grand canyon.

The mountain village of Lure is a peaceful haven for many outdoor activities. Admire the rivers and waterways, such as the major tributary of the Durance Verdon. Let yourself be enchanted by the greenery of the Forêt de Barbin and the Forêt d’Aire. Walk through the lavender fields and olive groves. Vultures and falcons fly overhead. Between the unique natural sites and the breathtaking panoramas, the small village is an invitation to reconnect with nature.

Outdoor activities in La Palud sur Verdon

A strategic point in the PACA region, La Palud sur Verdon is the playground for sports and water sports enthusiasts. Enjoy a pony trek or a mountain bike ride on the Blanc Martel trail and the Imbut trail. Both routes start at the chalet de la Maline. The Mourre de Chanier and the Grand Mourre dominate the village and offer a breathtaking panoramic view. These are peaks that reach an altitude of almost 2000 metres.

Experience new things off the beaten track by trying out the water rides from the water sports base. Complete your trip planner with canyoning, paddleboats and electric boat hire.

Intensify the thrills by enjoying paragliding, kayaking, climbing, canoeing, rafting and sky diving in the Verdon Gorge. If you prefer passive activities, opt for a swim or a walk on the shores of Lake Meraude.

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