The emerald coloured lake of Esparron


An artificial turquoise water reservoir

The lake of Esparron with its turquoise colours

Lac d’Esparron is an artificial turquoise water reservoir created in 1947, during the construction of the Gréoux les Bains dam on the Verdon river. Today, the lake is home to a rich ecosystem. Its fauna and flora are protected from pollution, as motor boats are not allowed. Discover the wonders of Lake Esparron.

An artificial lake with exceptional charm

Lac d’Esparron is an artificial water reservoir that is among the wildest artificial lakes in the Provence region. Its impoundment was orchestrated in 1967. It has a surface area of 3.28 km2, an altitude of 359 metres, a depth of 55 metres and a volume of 80 million cubic metres. It contains creeks, gorges and breathtaking cliffs. It is located in the Alpes de Haute Provence department, not far from Gréoux les Bains, downstream from the Grand Canyon du Verdon and the Sainte Croix lake, near the village of Esparron de Verdon.

The small lake gives access to a wide range of water sources.

The small lake overlooks the lower gorges of the Verdon. The turquoise waters, the privileged location and the numerous activities available in the nautical base make it a first choice destination for holidaymakers. Having been awarded the title of regional nature park, the site attracts boaters every year.

The site is a popular destination for boaters.

Lounging beaches

You will see several beaches at Lac d’Esparron, but none match the small beach at Saint Julien and the beach at the wild lake. The sunny little beach of Saint Julien is nestled in a cove on the edge of the lake. It has a diverse cosy atmosphere. The place allows for canoeing, paddleboats and sailing on electric boats.

The beach of the wild lake

The beach of the wild lake is located at the bend in the road to Gréoux les Bains à Esparron. You can rent a canoe or go camping there. If the layout and facilities are not to your liking, opt for a camping in the Verdon gorges. The place features a mobile home with air conditioning, gîtes, holiday homes with outdoor pool, guest roomsôtes…

Water activities featured

The waters of the lake are the meeting place for summer water sports enthusiasts. In a Provençal atmosphere, enjoy the water activities to get you back on your feet in the summer, while the children swim in the lake under the supervision of the swimming instructors.

Taste the pleasures of sailing. The local sailing club invites you to take part in courses to learn how to handle a windsurfing board without difficulty.

Tourists eager for adventure enjoy canoeing, kayaking, kayaking or paddling. Row through the lower gorges of the Verdon.

Les Lacs

The breathtaking views from Lake d’Esparron

The Basses Gorges du Verdon are the result of the erosion of the Verdon river. They look like huge cliffs and rocky limestone where caves are located. The latter can be seen from the charter boat.

The cliffs are a great place to explore.

The village of Esparron de Verdon is a small village with a picturesque atmosphere that is one of the most beautiful villages in France.

Before visiting the Verdon gorges, take a tour of the Barbu peninsula, a peninsula opposite the village of Esparron de Verdon. The corner of paradise is bordered by wild beaches, peaceful creeks, wild meadows and lush vegetation.


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