Numerous opportunities
for hiking

For our hiking friends, the Verdon is a magnificent playground, perfect for visiting the Gorges du Verdon and our Regional Nature Park in a different way. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker looking for a thrill, or a family of holidaymakers looking for a walk in the great outdoors, the famous Gorges du Verdon and the more discreet Basses Gorges du Verdon will offer you a route to suit your needs. Here are a few examples of excursions we hope will whet your appetite for these sporting experiences.

The Bauduen trail
(4h, altitude difference 150m, 11 km)

A 4-hour, 11-kilometre hike. This is the ideal route if you want to discover the superb Sainte Croix artificial lake, the pride of this corner of the Haut Var and Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. It’s a little more difficult than the previous one, particularly in a rocky section with potentially slippery walls, especially in wet weather, which you have to cross to reach the path. The starting point is the village of Bauduen, just a 5-minute drive from our campsite.

The Blanc-Martel trail(7h, altitude difference 600 m, 13 km)

The Verdon rumbles deep in its gorges. Follow in the footsteps of Isidore Blanc and Edouard Alfred Martel to explore the floor of Europe’s largest canyon. The scenery is grandiose and the views breathtaking.

From the Chalet de la Maline, the Blanc-Martel trail descends to the bottom of the great Verdon gorges, then climbs up the river to the Point Sublime, crossing the Guègues scree, the Brèche Imbert, the Baume aux Pigeons and the Couloir Samson.

The Imbut\ trail(5h, elevation gain 400 m, 10 km)

The Imbut trail is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful in the Gorges du Verdon: but it’s also a hike that requires a good deal of experience in mountainous terrain.

The trail will take you to the Styx, a secondary canyon that has become mythical and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful spots in the Verdon.

The trail then continues to l’Imbut (Imbuq means funnel in Provençal).

The Verdon then disappears beneath an enormous chaos of boulders, overhung by 400-metre-high peaks – an imposing landscape.

The Canal Guard Trail(4h, difference in altitude 306 m, 10 km)

Following in the footsteps of the guardian of the old Verdon canal, you’ll cross the lower gorges of the Verdon. Although not as majestic as their larger sisters upstream, they are well worth the detour and are remarkable for the landscapes they encounter and the biodiversity they host.

This hike uses part of the old canal-guard trail, which was once responsible for maintaining the Verdon canal. You’ll cross the lower Gorges du Verdon on a balcony above the lake, before climbing to the Chapelle Sainte-Maxime.