to the discovery
des Gorges du Verdon

The Haut Var and Alpes de Haute Provence are fabulous resources for the more sporty among you. Indeed, those who love outdoor activities are in for a treat!

So don your swimsuits and come and experience the thrills of whitewater!

You can choose between several disciplines to suit your needs. A fantastic setting in Europe’s largest canyon between Castellane and Lac de Sainte Croix.

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This unusual activity takes place in a group on the same boat, led by a guide.

Ideal for large families, this is the most accessible activity for a first discovery of the Verdon. From the age of 6, your beginners will be able to discover the adrenalin of the Verdon in complete safety, while the more athletic will be delighted to rediscover the sensations of speed.

TonTon Rafting:,

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Water Hiking

This is the Verdon’s flagship activity, and you’ll be walking, swimming and jumping in the heart of the grand canyon! For half a day or more, it’s back to basics.

You don’t need much equipment here, just a good mood: get on your back, feet first, and let yourself be carried along by the current, effortlessly and with a smile.

Swimming, sliding, walking, small jumps and a natural toboggan – this descent has something for everyone!

It’s a great eye-opening experience, a little more fun and relaxed than a hike.

Raoul Rafting: 06. 21. 36. 61. 96

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This is the activity that all young people love, but hydrospeed has different qualities to those mentioned above.

No experience required, just a board and flippers and off you go for a memorable descent. Tiring, but well worth the laugh! The course of the Verdon is your playground, especially if you’re a bit sporty.

Buena Vista Rafting: 04. 92. 83. 77. 98

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Canyoning consists of moving along the bed of a river whose flow varies from low to high, through narrow gorges or ravines, with waterfalls of varying heights.

You’ll enjoy a fabulous landscape and a truly extreme sport!

Les guides du Verdon : 04. 94. 84. 22. 55