Admire the imposing rock of Castellane


Admire the imposing rock of Castellane

The Castellane massif stretches south and east from the small village of Castellane to the north of Grasse and Vence. It crosses the south of the Verdon and reaches the west of the Var river. The rock is made up of hills, plateaus and mountain ranges. The natural wonder offers a multitude of views.

The rock is a natural wonder.

A natural site of exceptional charm

The Castellane rock is located in the Alpes-de-haute Provence department, in the Provence Alpes Côte d& Azur region. It culminates at 930 m. The limestone formation rises more than 200m above Castellane, one of the most beautiful villages in France.

The site has been designed by the French Ministry of Culture. The rock is visible from the road to the Verdon Gorge, the road that connects Castellane with La Palud sur Verdon park. The structure of the massive dolomitic limestone is reminiscent of a fortified castle. Its perched cliffs measure 1,500 metres in altitude.

It is an ideal place to explore the region.

A captivating story behind an impressive rock

The nearly 200m high rock once served as a shelter for people threatened by Saracen attacks. The enclosure acted as a rampart. The oppressed peoples found refuge here and built a fortified castle around the middle of the 10th century. They later moved downhill to be closer to water, communication routes and cultivable land.

They also built a fortified castle around the middle of the 10th century.

This is how the charming village of Castellane was built. Its name was inspired by Petra Castellana. Around the 14th century, the Castellanese strengthened the walls to protect themselves from enemy attacks.

The town was built in the 18th century.

Today, the Castellane rock is the destination of choice for hikers and pilgrims who wish to get away from their daily routine to recharge their batteries.

Hike in the Castellane Rock

Peacute hiking or mountain biking starts in the Col des Lèques, on the Napoleonic road that links Castellane à Digne les Bains. Join the forestry track that leads you into the forest of the Pions. The path leads you to the Colle Bernaiche ridge. The panorama highlights the magnificence of the peaks of Teillon, Robion, Verdon and Castellane.

Please note that this is the only way to get to the top.

Continue towards the radio relay tower and take the small sloping path through fields of lavender and savory. On reaching the plateau, look out for the chamois before continuing to the summit of Cadi. The monolithic massif is made up of rocky outcrops that have been formed by erosion. The top of the cliff promontory overlooks the Mercantour peaks in the Haut Verdon valley. The breathtaking and vertiginous view provokes a rush of adrenaline.


Climbing to the top of Castellane Rock

It's hard to remain unmoved by the view of the immensity of the Castellane rock. The natural site is visible from the Col des Lèque à Digne les Bains, from the Col de Luens à Grasse and from the Lac de Castillon à Saint André les Alpes.

At the top, you can see the rocky outcrop of the Castellane.

To reach the top of this rocky promontory, you have an alternative between the path opposite the St Michel car park and the centre of the village méval on the church square. The two paths meet at the Pentagonal Tower or the 5-storey tower. During the walk, observe the thousand-year-old remains of the ancient village of Petra Castellana.

The walk takes 45 minutes.

The walk takes 45 minutes and ends at the Chapel of Our Lady of the Rock. The pilgrimage site built in the 13th century became a place of worship in the 15th century. After admiring the stunning panorama of the surrounding peaks, join the gites and mobile homes in the camping in the Verdon Gorge for refreshments.


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