Viewpoint of the Samson Corridor


The viewpoint of the Couloir de Samson

Visiting the Verdon Gorge begins with the viewpoint of the Couloir de Samson. The large site is located in the Alpes de Haute Provence departments. It is the starting point of the Grand Canyon du Verdon. Between canyoning and lél jumping, the adventure is synonymous with strong sensations.

A natural site with Provencal charm

Samson's Corridor was covered at the dawn of the last century. At that time, the water shortage that was affecting the Var coast prompted scientists to turn to the Verdon. The water at the bottom of the narrow gorges and the geographical location of the Samson corridor aroused their curiosity. The warm-coloured resource fed the settlements of the area.

The Green Canyon

The Verdon canyon is the result of a massive limestone formation and vertical cliffs on the edge of a turquoise blue river. The lush vegetation, the mineral living water, the massive limestone and the wildlife form a unique monument in the small perched village of Rougon.

The Verdon Natural Park is a great place to explore the region.

The boat is a great way to get to know the region and its inhabitants.

The short history of the Couloir de Samson

The name « Couloir de Samson » has 2 origins. On the one hand, it springs from a kind of caryatid that nestled on the cliff of l’Escastel. It can be spotted looking downstream or contemplating the great site from the Point Sublime.

It's a great place to be.

On the other hand, the name is said to have been derived from the biblical hero Samson. With his superhuman strength, he is said to have mapped out the cliffs in order to allow the Verdon to pass. He would have left traces of his passage in the rock. The 35-metre-high caryatid would then be a crack left by the character.

The caryatid is the result of a crack in the rock.

A preventive initiative

In the autumn of 2020, a large-scale worksite was held in the Samson Corridor, in the same way as in the entire Verdon Nature Park. The work is the result of an initiative to redesign the entire site.

Please note that this is not a new project.

The exceptional views of the Samson Corridor

A multitude of water and land-based activities allow you to enjoy the spectacular views of the Samson Corridor.

Water canyoning by the lake

Do you want to experience aquatic canyoning in the Verdon canyon? Admire the magnificent view from the edge of an initiation canyon. The trip starts at the beautiful Couloir de Samson. Follow it to the end of the road and hike to the banks of the Verdon. Start the walk at the foot of the cliffs of the Samson Couloir. Cross the river and the tunnels of the Martels trail. Brave hikers reach the Estelli and the Imbut. The climbers gain the heights of the Verdon before plunging into the warm water of the Sainte Croix lake.

The belvéds of the route des crêtes

From the commune of La Palud on the lower gorges of the Verdon stand out the first three viewpoints of the route des crêtes overlooking the Samson couloir. Climbing on the heights of the cliffs leads you to the vertiginous viewpoints of Trescaire bas, Trescaire haut and La Carelle. They offer a breathtaking view of the Samson Couloir. The panorama is breathtaking.

The Martel Trail Tunnels

While the Martel Trails tunnels were used by the Verdon diversion in the case of a forced drive, they are now open to the public. They cross the Samson Corridor and offer an exceptional view of the windows and the belvederes. The 13km routes are recommended for claustrophobic people.

Please note that the routes are not suitable for people who are claustrophobic.

After a busy day, take a break in the camping in the Verdon Gorge, in a mobile home. If the campsites are not to your liking, opt for a guest room with a terrace and panoramic view, gites or a chalet. Don't forget to book your holiday rental as soon as possible.


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